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30 Years of Progress



I have a 66 427. My buddy just got a 96 LT-4. I had a chance to drive it in Virginia this past weekend and I'll tell ya what - 30 years of engineering progress really make these cars perform very very differently. Well, DUH! What handling - a slot car on rails. What braking - the car actually stops crisply, mine does if you toss out an anchor. Ha!

What do these cars normally sell for? What is this LT-4 motor?
For an in-depth look at the LT4 motor, click on the Specifications link at the top of this page and pick '96 LT1/LT4.
I had the privelige to drive a 98 for about 2 months. the car was a 3 year lease company car. all the top muckity mucks had them, 6 vettes in all. The big boss leased a 2000 benz and handed me the keys to the vette to use before the lease was up. man I was in heaven, you just can't compare it to my 75. words can't express what it was like to drive that car. I really hated to turn it in and was even contemplating on how I could swing the payments on a car like that and then reality set in and I had to give it back. :( at the end of the lease I believe it was about 36k to buy it outright, way over my head. :eek I'm back in the 75 and relized how much I missed it. :) It was nice while it lasted.
I did that too back in '96. I had the opportunity to participate in the Corvette "Dream & Drive" program when it was here (and they were still doing it!)

What a feeling at the end of the day when I had to get back into my squeaky, rattling '87. :L
Visuals and 30 years

Hey guys - thanks for the responses. No doubt Chevrolet has made big time advances in vehicle construction, roadability, etc. ;)

But the 96 (and I DO want one) doesn't get the same looks from all manner of people like the 66 does. Man, I put the top down (go topless, eh, Silver? :L ) and kids, women, men, Martians, you name it, give the car the eye treatment. It's a high profile car whenever it rolls out of the garage, and that's part of the fun.

I am VetteGuy66, digging your 96 if ya got one. :cool
I've seen adds for an 11 mile Grand Sport Convertible going for about 45K. A 4 mile Grand Sport Coupe for almost 50k (I think). The Grand Sport package usually adds 15-20% to the value of a '96. The CE pakage seems to add about 10% more to a base '96. I was looking at a '96 LT4 shortly before I bought my GS. He wanted 24k for it. I dont remember the miles on it, but it was a very well maintained car. A beautiful, swirl mark free triple black combo, with both tops. Just add a set of GS wheels, and I would have a Corvette version of K.I.T.T.:D


CE stands for Collectors Edition, I presume. That's what my buddy has. He got it for about $25,000 and the car was in very good shape. Miles about 35,000. This supports your numbers reasonably. I paid $40,000 for the 66... guess I got more dollars than "Cents". ;) But, either of us could sell out for about what we paid and put into the cars I feel, which is comforting when retirement funds are needed. Tell ya what, though - the Vette is the last thing I'm going to part with. :D

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