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327-250 hp 1965

Mike McKown

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Aug 11, 2002
Falls of Rough, Ky.
1963 roadster 1965 coupe
I have a 1965 327 250 hp vette. The engine will idle fairly smoothly (maybe not like it ought to be) and it will pull strong and smooth under half to wide open throttle. The problem is, just off idle. If the throttle is cracked just slightly, (10-15 mph low or second gear) the car will buck, jump, miss, skip and otherwise cause me to slip the clutch to smooth it out. I have worked on the points, plug wires, dist. cap, rotor and plugs. No improvement.

The car appears to have a rebuilt carburetor (right number on tag and replaced in 1964). I now suspect that the adverse off idle condition is caused by the metering rods are delaying lifting out of the main jets causing a lean condition.

Does this make sense to anybody? How can I check it out. What can I do about it?

Thanks in advance for any help.


If there are no vacuum leaks and the car sits over the winter I think that I would just install a rebuild kit to minimize the trial and error methods.

These types of problems drive me nuts some times.

Good Luck

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