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4.7 Second Crossfire 1982 Corvette


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
I haven't posted about my 82 in a while.

  • This car has been in my family since the 1980s. It was my father's and he taught me how to drive... with it! I have so many memories of riding around with him in that car. When I was a teenager, he let me take it to a few school dances, on a few dates, and I was even able to get it out for a few rare, special occasions by myself.
  • When he retired, he gave the car to me with one condition: He asked that I keep "the look" of the car and to keep it looking "factory". So, nothing crazy like flares, blowers, repaints in crazy colors, etc. I remember asking "Hey dad- what about a bigger cam? Does that change the look?" His response was "No, that doesn't change the way it looks." I asked about things like the rear end... the intake... things like that because the CFI system wasn't exactly a high performance EFI platform by any means.
  • That led to the idea that I wanted to keep it looking like it was a CFI car... but in reality was ANYTHING but factory in how it performed.

I've changed a lot- but kept it more or less faithful to the request my dad made to "keep it looking like it did from the factory". I've taken a lot of license with that phrase- but what I've ended up with an engine that wears it's OE air filters and OE throttle bodies bored out from 46mm to 52mm. After that- EVERYTHING is different from the fuel lines to the fuel pump and from the intake to the dual exhaust.

It's still the same color as it was in the 80s- but the wheels have been upgraded to 17" aluminum wheels that have 8 slots, similar to the OE aluminum wheels.

The car runs excellent. Starts up easily, runs 14.7 : 1 AFR in cruise mode and 12.2 : 1 in wide open throttle. It transitions perfectly between the two modes effortlessly. It has almost .500" of lift on the cam and 90lb injectors with almost 30psi on the system. The custom weighted governor shifts the car out of gear at 5600 - 5700 rpm out of each and every gear at wide open throttle, making it an automatic with no compromises to how it runs.

It also has a documented 4.7 second 0-60mph time using the datalogging software with its EBL Flash ECM.

Here's the summary of the mods:

- OE TBI units bored out to 52mm running in parallel port fueling configuration
- Renegade Intake (aftermarket cross ram)
- 90lb injectors
- Aeromotive Variable Fuel Pressure Regulator (25psi at idle / 28psi at WOT)
- Davis Unified Ignition distributor, coil, and module
- MSD Digital 6A capacitative discharge system
- AFR Eliminator 180 heads w/ 65cc chambers (equipped with hyd. flat tappet springs)
- Aluminum radiator and high flow water pump
- Erson cam with .496” / .495” lift, 224/234 @ .05, 112 LS
- Hooker full length headers
- Dynamic EFI EBL Flash ECM with 8 position flash programmable memory, integrated wide band O2 sensor, and USB compatible
- 1985 Corvette Electronic Spark Control module conversion
- True duals, H-pipe, with Magnaflow mufflers
- 2k RPM stall converter
- Built 700R4
- 3.73 Yukon ring & pinion gears
- 17” American Racing VF-503 wheels with 255/50/17W tires
- Custom 140mph speedometer and custom redline tachometer with 1982 Corvette crossed flags
- LED gauge lamp conversion
- Halogen H4 four lamp conversion
- Restored interior
- Show quality repaint

So how does it run?
It is a lot of fun to drive! It's throttle response is amazing- when you drop the pedal, it just takes off like a rocket.

The video link has some footage of its idle, revving the engine, stand still acceleration, rolling start acceleration, and Kentucky Speedway at 120mph.



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Love the video.
Nice! I have an 82 also with headers, slightly larger CAM, renegade intake. I like what you have done with yours! I’ll hopefully get there one day soon. Where are you located?
Very interesting that you have the renegade intake as I tried this and the engine would not rev above 2000 as the mixture went very weak. But I am using the standard fuel system. You mention that you are using the 85 Electronic spark module. I think mine is US and have been looking for a replacement. What about your knock sensor- still the original? Ant info on this would be useful. Thanks.

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