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425+ Rwhp



I wish to move it up a notch and do modifications to achieve at least 425 RWHP. I do not intend to race but just want a bit more excitement. It appears the two paths to examine are #1 Supercharging or #2 Heads/Cam/Headers. Both options are similar in cost. Supercharging is easiest would probably exceed my goal, but I am concerned if the motor will handle the additional strain with no problems. Heads/Cam combo will put me right where I desire, and I feel will put less stain on the rest of the motors. I invite your comments on these options.

Thanks SCS


Both are good combos. But, dont worry about the motor being blown up w/ most of today's supercharger kits. They're set @ a level of boost so that it wont do any extreme damage to your motor, and wont reduce engine life an extreme amount. Depending upon application, (Vortech, MagnaCharger, ATI etc, etc) you can benefit by running an intercooler. Also i've heard of people putting ICs on n/a cars and seeing them run cooler, but i'm not too sure about that. I dont know a whole lot about the heads/cam package, but i've seen in some magazines of lots of LS1 guys goin w/ the LS6 intake and heads/cam. But hey, why not go both mods, head/cam+blower :D talk about powuh ;) lol. But both are good combo's, could look into a small shot of nitrous too, but since you're not racin i dont see the point to it.

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