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454 Engine for Street Rod... This is strong!

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Jan 7, 2003
Dallas, Texas
About 10 tons of C4
I am selling this on ebay.... The auction starts tommorow, so you might not be able to see it now.... Its no reserve, 100 start for a ready to go near 600HP 361959 4 bolt casting engine.



This is a motor I bought for a street car project but have not used. It came straight out of an 8 second dragster after a few passes and I bought it. My friend I got it from upped classs and sold me this engine, running perfect with proper compression on all 8.... It is nothing super special, extremely rare or mega expensive, but it is a great engine for a street car project or low budget dragster... That is if you want to make sure you beat the next guy like he's going backwards in your street car..... First... This IS A RUNNING LONG BLOCK.... All you should need to do is put your desired intake set up, a balancer, flywheel, waterpump, oil pan for your application in a street car, ignition and accessories you should have an upper 500HP engine with a good oval port 4 barrel intake/3310 holly running 108 octane. The Block is 454 GM Hi-Performance 4 bolt casting 361959 steel crank motor. It is standard bore and crank, and has 12:1 forged pistons. The heads are uncut, unported 336781 Cast Iron Oval Port Open Chamber 113CC heads. Valves are stock size too but are some better ones (manely I am thinking). The cam is a crane solid lift flat tappet... Somewhere around the mid 600+ lift, but I dont know exact specs for sure.... It has a set of full roller rockers that are 1.7 ratio. The motor was a strong puller in the mid 6K range when it was used, and idled at about 900 in the dragster with a Hilbourne FI intake setup. It has a double roller timing chain, Moroso Oil pump and a Hamburger Oil pan... (you cant run this on a street car) The oil pan has a small dent in it, but will not effect anything.... I did this with the hoist moving it. The motor was built/balanced sometime around 1996 in Colorado. It has two sets of dragster headers, one pictured on the engine and the shortie stainless steel ones on the floor in the pictures. The long block build up was 5800.00 in 1996. I paid 4K for it after it ran no more that 6-7 passes in a mild class where engines last forever. I have since let is sit in my garage, properly covered, in my heated/air conditioned garage for over 4 years while I drag my feet working on my project. I "had" all the paperwork on it from the machine shop in colorado, but have misplaced it. I will be looking for it as the auction goes on. I can only say it ran good as I have never run it myself, but I forsee no issues with it for you and was expecting none for myself. As with all hot-rod engines, I cannot offer any warranty other than trying to discribe this engine as best as possible. Even though this is a "dragster" engine, its make up is not radical, nor was it in a radical class, and that is why I got it for a street car project. In fact its more on the lines of an extremely strong LS6 engine with a little more compression and oval port heads.... Really the best street combo there is in a big block! This engine is PICK UP ONLY in Dallas Texas, 75007. I can load it up for you when you come. I am selling this engine, because my low budget hot-rod 69 corvette project has become a not-so low budget project. I have kind of "overdone" it and since I have, I decided to really make it expensive use the new GM ZZ572 engine in it. The GM 572 costs over 10 times more than I ever expect to recover from this engine, but I am certain this engine will give it a run on the street. Since I am not GM and cannot give you a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty, I am starting this strong running well built engine at WAY less than just core value on the block and heads with no reserve. This is truly an EBAY deal and I promise this is the fastest engine ever to hit ebay for the lowest price. You definatly do not want to miss out on this if you have a street rod project underway!

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