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461 vs 462 Heads


Geek's 65

Going to rebuild my 65 327/300. Has stock 461 heads on it with the 1.9/1,5 valves. The heads on the engine are hurt (stripped threads on valve cover bolt holes and when I checked the torque on the intake manifold, two of the bolts never make it to spec and felt real mushy like they were going going but not quite gone). I have the chance to get a great deal on two 462 heads with the same 1.9/1.5 valves. From what I have read, they should work. Other than the fact that they are not stock, any other reasons why I shouldn't use them? Anyone have any experience with 462s either good or bad that would be helpful?

Appreciate any input here. Thanks.

Geek's 65

Thanks John. I am told that other than a little rust they are good. Guy was going to use them, took them to a machine shop, had them magnafluxed (checked good), and then changed his mind and went aluminum. His loss looks like my gain.


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