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50th Anniversary info ???


Joe Iannarone

I have to believe there will be something special offered on a limited edition basis for the 2003 model. Anyone have any info or even rumors? I have an agreement in place to buy one, so my 2001 6-speed silver coupe with only 3,000 miles on it is up for sale. she's loaded and I'm asking 42K. Will deliver anywhere in the lower 48.
Hi there,
You can see the 50th on the weekend, of June 30, on the NCM website, as this will be the unveiling cermony.
There are going to be caravans from all over the country to be there.
This kickoff will be the best, and I know for one, I will be there.
CANT WAIT. c4c5:hb
Interesting findings at the Auto show...

***This information is strictly rumour***

For those looking for information re: 50th Anniv...

I just came back from the Toronto Auto Show, and speaking with a couple of GM folks found some interesting information...

Colour: Ruby Red (or similar), a la the 40th?

Body: based on the C5 Coupe

Engine: ZO6 engine & tranny

Aesthetics: Two tone interior & Seats, embroidered 50th logo on the headrest.

Otherwise, it's pretty much a C5...

I'm currently on a list to get one of these, but now I'm not to sure about the Ruby Red colour... But the ZO6 engine on a coupe... Wow!

50th Anniversary car

The 50 th Anniv.promotional group visiting here to coordinate some events have mentioned the following. Also a friend of mine at GM has posted me with the following:

1) It will be a convertible for sure which means a standard C5 motor being used. With the word already out that no horsepower increases are coming in 2003, we will see 350hp setup.

2) The color white with red interior and a black top seems to be the forrunner. This is directed back to the 1953 model.

3) Badges (gold accent) but no stripes or crazy color schemes.

4) Standard wheels with no options.

Everyone knows that a lot is being said and rumors are flying around like crazy. However, I am inclined to go with what I have posted here because it does seem to follow a logical plan based on what they want to accomplish for this gold edition.

We will know in around three months for sure.

Stan A
I'll throw my hat in with Stan.. my reasoning:

No White available in 2002... ;) original 53 was polo white red interior... back to our roots ...

My dealer phoned me today to let me know he has mailed me info on the 50th Anniversary Corvette :birth. So in a couple of days maybe I will see something materialize in my mailbox. Until then, it's wonder... wonder...wonder, and enjoy my 2002 ZO6.

Here's some new info on the Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration: :D

Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration
February 22, 2002

To: All Corvette Clubs
From: Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration Headquarters
RE: ADV: www.Corvette50th.com Web Site Live February 26, 2002

Please announce to your owners, club members, and event attendees that www.Corvette50th.com, the exclusive site for all information and details relating to the official Corvette 50th Anniversary, goes live February 26, 2002.

The February 26 site marks the first wave of a multi-phase rollout. This first look officially outlines the Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration events. Future phases will provide more detailed information regarding all Anniversary events, activities, schedules, and registration information.

We understand that your affiliates are anxious for information and we are fast at work finalizing the relevant details. Please spread the word in your newsletters, on your Web sites and in your meetings that www.Corvette50th.com is live February 26, 2002, and that it is the official source for all details on the many questions regarding Corvette s 50th Anniversary and related Celebration.

Thank you again for your cooperation. With your assistance, Chevrolet and the Corvette Brand Team look forward to delivering the enthusiast event of a lifetime.

Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration Headquarters
Just to throw another '2-cents' into the pot . . .

Attached, is a quote received in an email from a fellow Sacramento, CA club member:

"First off, I want to tell you where my information came from; the tour guide, 6 other "line employees" (2 in the chasis/body area, 2 in the final inspection area, and 2 in the final clean up area) and one Administrative employee (in charge of corvette deliveries to GM employees). The pace cars this year are all going to be the new "anniversary red" (paint color 94U), with fawn color interiors, a fawn color convertible top (much lighter than the present oak top), and subdued gold (almost fawn colored wheels). They are definitely a different color than the magnezium wheels previously offered. In fact, we saw a half a dozen "test cars" (both on the line and already produced sitting in the "ready to ship area") that were being produced with this color scheme, that will be sent to Michigan for testing. The anniversary red is a darker shade of the present magnetic red. It is almost a deep burgundy color. In 2003, the magnetic red is going to be eliminated for this new color. The interior is a two-tone fawn color (lighter on the carpet with a two-tone fawn colored dash). There is no black in the interior, as they normally do when they use a color such as red or tan. For once, the whole interior matches! The fawn colored top is definitely a lighter shade than the present oak color. The seats match the color of the carpet, and have the C5 flags embroidered on them. I am told that the pace cars will have slightly different seats and a couple of different other minor changes, which weren't further explained. Everyone I talked to said that there will be pace car replicas offered, but how many is not known. These cars will be produced after the race, sometime in June or July, which the Administrative employee I spoke with, said was very unusual. No one knew anything about any sort of decals, striping, or other special items on the cars (this is evidentally a hush-hush item). In fact, all of the employees said that the whole pace car issue was very hush-hush. The color of the pace cars will be the same color offered on all "anniversary editions".

. . . and the Beat Goes On!

The Anniversary car for 2003 will be another dark red color (YUCK) this is why they are pulling Mag red off for 2003. This Anniversary car will be a "free flow" option and not any kind of "limited Edition" Gm will make every 2003 a 50th Anniversary car if so ordered. Dont look at this car to be a collectors item or "hard to find" at dealers. They will be all over the place. REMEMBER if more then 3000 copies are made its not considered a true "collectible". Dont get burned.
So the waitnig list stuff is all B.S.? Sounds like the general has $ as a #1 priority. How can you not have a 50th car that isnt a collectable model? I dont get it
JohnnyJet said:
So the waitnig list stuff is all B.S.? Sounds like the general has $ as a #1 priority. How can you not have a 50th car that isnt a collectable model? I dont get it

Then again we don't know for sure. We are hearing all of these rumors, but which ones are true. We will know in about three months. I don't want to jump the gun and asume anything. Remember when you asume you make an a** out of you and me. Lets just wait for GM to come out with the car first and then get mad after if it is what you don't like. You may be surprizes to see that GM will go in the right direction. I am not picking on you, I am just making sure we are all clear and on the same page.
I just hope the General does the right thing. They owe us something special. As long as Bob Lutz has a say in it we all will be pleased. Can't wait.......... :D

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