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50th Anniversary or Z06?



Hypothetical inquiry: what is your opinion about buying a Z06 or the 50th anniversary Vette? I know little about the 2003 car - but they're going to do something special if history is a guide. How the 2 cars will differ and be alike is a guess, but if you have an opinio, please unleash it! Chirpping the tires at ya!, I'm VetteGuy66.

50th vs ZO6

Why not get a 50th Anniversary ZO6?? Get the best of both worlds.

Both, eh?

Mike - you genius, you! :s I wonder if that is actually a possibility - if so, you're on to something! Welcome to the CAC! Hey, how did you make out with the monsson? Hope it was not a problem. I lived in Houston in 1990 - 1991 and know about the summer rains and humidity. :puke Thanks!
Type much!?

Monsoon, that is. That is what I get for not using spell check on my poor typing. Ha!
Houston Flooding

It was terrible. My part of town was hit with 28 inches of rain in just 24 hours. That broke the Texas State record for rainfall in a 24 hour period. Fortunatly nither house of mine was flooded. I was better off than most people were.
I just wish they'd put the Z06 in a convertible. I wonder when GM will wake up and do so? I know they say it's for safety reasons, but I thought that the C5's were built to handle those type of problems. :) I love the convertibles. :W:
Re: 50th vs ZO6

ZR1Mike said:
Why not get a 50th Anniversary ZO6?? Get the best of both worlds.


From what I've heard the '03 'Vette is supposed to blow the socks off any thing else comming out of Detroit (read, Viper:)). No particulars yet though... As for a '03 Z06? That would be sweet!

Here's to hopin' and prayin'!:upthumbs

My guess is the 50th car and the 03 Z06 will be quite different.

The Z06 will remain the hardcore driver's Corvette.

The 50th car will probably be more like a ZR1, ie: fully optioned, not quite the cutting-edge handling of the Z06 but with either the LS6 or maybe something a little more powerful. The 50th will probably be available as a Coupe or a Convertible but not as a hardtop.

If you're a gnarly terror of a driver, you're probably going to want the Z06.

If you like the idea of a very unique, collectable Corvette with lots of power but still a nice ride and plenty of convenience options, you're going to want the 50th car.

If you're a waxer with lots of money and need to have the latest, geatest and coolest thing in the hobby, you're going to want the 50th car.

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