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60,000 Miles and counting


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Nov 2, 2000
The Land of Enchantment
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I bought my GS on July 28 2000 with 47,325 miles on her. And as of February 28 2001 she has 60,002 miles on the clock. That is 12,677 miles in 7 months. Thats over 1800 miles a month! Actually I put 10,000 miles on her between July and the first of November. Where did I go? I was living in San Jose at the time and a round trip to Reno, and Disney Land, a trip to and from Portland Or, plus one more to move up here. Countless trips to to San Francisco... I spent most of that summer in my car, but when you own a Corvette what better place to spend it?
Hey, Obvously she was never intended to be a garage queen!
When I got my 86 last year, it had only 37K miles on her. The meter is just about to hit 40K. I know thats only 500 miles a month average. Im about to go on my first real road trip to St George, Utah to see my dad. I cant wait to see what sh will do on thos Nevada highways!
Good luck on your trip Rick. I've only taken my GS to Nevada that one time I went to Reno. And we definatly enjoyed the road through Lake Tahoe on the way back!

Your right about her not being a garage queen, she's way to pretty and fun to drive to let her sit in the garage.

My GS is a pseudo-garage queen (LOL, never heard that term before). Now she has just under 24K miles, all of them put there by me since I got her in Feb '96. 10K was put on in the first year, but that included a 4K+ trip to the Midwest and showing her off at my high school reunion. I think I hear her calling me softly now from the parking lot here at work, cooing "it's such a beautiful day for a drive". (it is, I drove when we went to lunch). Boy, do I love south Florida at this time of the year.

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