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17x9.5/ 17/11 Grand Sport Corvette/Camaro/Firebird WHEELS: POLISHED, NEW



Wheels Lightweight, true, round, and good looking polished 2 piece aluminum wheels in the
Grand Sport Corvette offsets: Will fit 88 - 02 vettes, or 93 - 02 Camaros/Firebirds perfectly, or
many other cars as well (some with spacers, some without).

These are high end, custom made, top quality wheels durable enough for roadracing or street use,
but lighter than any normally available wheel. The offsets are actually moved from the Grand
Sport offsets, out in the front by .125", and in in the rear by .125" (SCCA stock legal offset shift),
which keeps the track closer to ideal on vettes and camaros for better handling, and improves the
looks and stance without hurting turn radius.

I paid $2300 for the set just a few months ago, and the wheels have only had one set of tires on
them. I just have no more use for them right now.

One wheel had the lip slightly tweaked on a tire machine, but is not noticeable from 5 feet, nor
does it affect the bead or roundness. The tweak is also fully and easily repairable to perfect for
$100 at several national chains. I guarantee it with full refund if not. ( I know because I took it,
but it was not enough of a nick to bother me). The Wheels are made by CIRCLE RACING
WHEELS, of california, who has a good website if you want more info.

Item # 1843523115
Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
a little help.... most items on ebay don't sell unless they have good pictures... People really like to see what they are getting into, some close ups could go a long way in gettting those wheels sold...good luck

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