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66 paint


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Jan 15, 2001
7259 west chester ohio 45069
1978 L82 BLACK
My friend has a 55 coupe that he has owned since 1970, bubbles pop up on the driver side front fenders a few years later , he had the car repainted about one month ago they are all back, the painter sanded and sealed the paint, the suggestion is to put a new fender on, any ideas and if not where is the best place to buy the fender and what can he expect to pay thank you Paul
Apr 2, 2004
Newark, Delaware
1965 Coupe L76 / 1978 L82
did the painter completely strip the old paint off or just sand down the old paint and seal over it which is what I get the impression from the way to wrote that is what happened.

The bubbles could be contaimination in the paint from the last paint job.
The painter should strip the fender (really the whole car) down to the bare fiberglass and inspect the 'glass carefully than clean it very well before resealing it.

We did have a forum member here that built a '62 last year and if i remember the details correctly (correct me if i'm wrong Larry) it was a trunk lid that had outside in the elements for a number of years and the 'glass must have obsorbed water in it. the new paint bubbled up almost immediately. it was redone and it bubbled again - I can't remember if he ended up being able to get it fixed so as to not bubble or if he had to replace the whole trunk lid.
there are plenty of vendors to get new fenders if it comes to that but i'll let others on here chime in on the best manufacturer or vendor on that.

EDIT: ok, I just did a search on Larry's car and he did end up replacing the truck lid with another one. That's not to say your friend will have to replace the fender , just that in this case the body panel was replaced.
Best thing is probably goinb to be stripping the fender down all the way to the 'glass and taking it from there.


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Oct 1, 2004
Waterford, NJ
1966 Coupe
Preparation is the key to success with a paint job. I spent hugh hours prepping my 66 for paint and the actual spray (which my body shop guy did) only took a couple hours. Then hugh hours afterwards sanding and polishing. In the end - looks great. Tell him to strip it all the way and start over.


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