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'67 steering wheel



I just bought a '67 convertible and am replacing the steering wheel with a 14-inch model for more knee room. I'm wondering if it would also be possible to install a telescopic wheel assembly to maximize this room. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Telescopic steering column was an option on '65 to '67 Corvettes ($42.15 in 1967), but only ordered in about 10% to 15% of the cars. They are now considered a very desirable option and columns come up for sale periodically, but price is very high, usually in the $1200 range.

You might try this vendor for steering ideas:


Thanks Wayne. It looks like they may have the part that I need. Any downside to using an aftermarket part like that?
Tilt/Telescopic columns

Hi DW,

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. The only downside would be loosing points for originality if you were to have the car NCRS or Bloomington judged. Flaming River and Ididit www.ididitinc.com both offer a full line of custom steering columns and steering parts. You may need to talk to them for an exact Corvette fit though.

Thanks Tom. Although I'm trying to keep the car as stock as possible, driving comfort is more important to me with this car. I'l give them a call. THanks.
Keep any orifinal parts you replace so that the car can be put back in original condition should you (or a future buyer) decide to do so.

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