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68 conv. What's it worth???



I'm looking at a 68 convertable and need some help figuring out what it is worth. It has both tops and is complete, It needs a complete restore job and has a little frame rust and some rust on the passenger side windshield post. It was originally a 427 car but a local shade tree told a previous orwner that it need a more reliable engine and a small block was put in. It doesn't run at this time but if I get it I will put a 427 back in it so i'm not too worried about the motor that is in it. Looked at the price guides but since they assume running car with "correct" engine I have no clue...



Big Fish

You could easily spend 15,000 on a complete restore, and that is figuring you are doing most of the work yourself. Guess you have to really be committed to going all the way with something like that. If you could get the car really cheap things start looking better. A friend just dropped about 2,000 just to do the windshield frame on his 72. They are quite tricky and have to be perfect for everything else to fit.


Tim73454 said:
I'm looking at a 68 convertable . . . It needs a complete restore job


Really depends on what you want to end up with, how soon you want to drive it and what your budget is. I think the $15,000 is the lower end of the range for what your proposing.


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