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'68 do's and dont's


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Nov 2, 2000
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Finally I am ready to re-join the ranks of shark owners! I just found a '68 t-top in need of resto. Acording to the add it has a muncie 4 speed tranny and, linkages, radiator, and interior, but it is missing the engine. From the looks of the picture all of the above stuff is in pretty rough shape. The engine I'm not to worried about, I have the 454 out of my Blazer to put in it.

This is the link to the add: http://www.collectorcartraderonline.com/addetail.html?6639418. The person wants 2500 for the car. Does that seem reasionable? What should I look for when I look at the car. What will lower the price, and what will disqualify it from being resurected?

Any help on this would be greatly apprecated!
Twiget, The price don't sound bad, to me with exceptions. And even with the exceptions, it is still a good price, especially for a 454 project.......I like that idea!!!!!But since you asked(kind of)here is what I think of 68 Corvettes...... Almost, everything on the body and interior is different then any other shark, even things that,from the outside, appear to be the exact same. For example.....the door glass, looks like any other shark, it isn't even close, inside the door. Also the window operating mecanizim is completelly different from the shark or the 67.The center guage bezal is different, the door panels, the dash, the e-brake console. My opinion is that the Corvette division of Chevrolet learned allot between 68 and 69.Maybe that's why they weren't Stingrays......Just kiddin':) However, if that car was in Missouri, I would have already gone and got it. I think it will be a fun car for what you have planned. If you get it let us/me know how it comes along and if there is anything I can do to help. I know the conversion to 454 is pretty straight farward as we done a 67 conversion a few years ago...........Good Luck......Steve PS I do have a little problem with the flares though:)
Thanks for the info Steve. I was afraid that with the '68 being the first year of a new generation something like that might be the case. This will be my first attempt at a resto, so I think I'm going to pass this one up. I dont need to make things any more complicated than they will be all ready.
I'm sorry

Twiget, I hope I didn't talk you out of this project, I certainatly didn't mean to. I was just stating some of the differances in the 68. While I will admit, I do not particuarly like working on certain parts of the 68, it is still a Corvette. And, to find one to "hot rod", that looked like a good candidate.(from the picture) I hope you will find another one for what you want to do. I really like the BB idea......Steve

The project is still in the works, but I think I'm going to stick to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle for my first project.

Let the search continue!
'68 project

Looks like a good project car to me. Of course you won't know until you see it first hand. Sure can't beat the price unless the pics don't tell the whole story.

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