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68 fuel question


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Oct 24, 2001
2000 Magnetic Red Vert & 2015 DSOM Coupe Z51-3LT
Bought a used 68 in 69. Supposed to be a L68 could have been a L71. Never checked the #s. Did anyone have a problem with leaded fuel with this engine? If I ran anthying but Amoco (the only unleaded fuel at the time) the car would just refuse to run. Not a lot of Amaco stations around so a few times I would have to get a few gallons of premium leaded fuel to make it to a Amoco station. The car would pop and rumble (no Power) till the unleaded reached the carb then it would smooth right out. Was I the only one with this problem?
For those who are unfamiliar with Amoco they had two grades the unleaded being the high octane. Thanks Michael

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