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68 L-89 Modification/Restoration Advice




I bought my 68 silverstone silver L-89 about three years ago w/58K miles, no PS, no PB, 4.11. I got the original tank sticker and some other paper work and have been able to trace the history of the car back about 20 years. It had some aspects of it restored and others not. For example the paint had been redone (quite a good job) but it still had original valver covers, It was a decent driver

Since then, I had a quite a detailed body on done on the chasis/suspension with engine tranny ountouched and went to a 3.36 rear. Now I am considering going into it a bit deeper. Rebuilt engine/trans, further frame restoration, interior, paint etc. I am trying to get some advice from people who have been down the same path. I am trying to work with a budget or less if possible and althoug I beleive in keeping with the true originality of teh car, I am not looking for NCRS standards and would like to do a couple of mods.

For example, engine rebuild against L-88 top end spec, cam, headers and a functional L-88 hood and going back to 4.11 rear. I would set aside the original manifolds and carbs. If I decide to go body off, to what degree can I leverage of the 2 year old body on (about 750 miles since put on car)?

What thought would you guys have on parts cost, hours of labor?

Sorry to be so vague, just trying to get ideas at this point so please ask any questions if that helps
Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
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An L-88 cam will be a nightmare on the street, unless you spend all your time above 4500 rpm - it was a race-only piece, and runs like crap under normal conditions. Your L-89 is a rare piece; I'd leave it original - the 3x2's will flow about 900CFM anyway. Just my 2 cents.


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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I love to chop cars up to suit my personal taste, but I would have a hard time changing much around from what you have described on your car.

You might be better served to pick up a basket case car, and have fun cutting, changing, pumping hp, and just having fun with it while you enjoy your mostly original current car.

Budget wise, well it depends on how much work you do yourself. Go fast engine parts are not that bad by the part, but they add up quick. The L88 hood and air cleaner will set you back between $250 (used at a swap meet) to over $1,000 if bought new with all the goodies to match. Then you add block time and paint.

All and all, you might drop about $3,000 into the car to get it where you are wanting to go on the high end, and about $1,500 on the low end.

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