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68 vette center console removal?


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Mar 6, 2004
Middleboro, KY
1965 convertible
What is the procedure for removing the center console plate that contains the radio? Thanks in advance.

6880 Mike

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Jun 30, 2006
The Bluegrass State
1968 convertible; 1980 L-82
Remove bezel trim screws at left, right and top.

Remove upper trim and wiper switch bezel.

Remove forward console trim panels.

Directly beneath the center cluster under the console you should find two studs and two nuts where the cluster studs pass through the console and console support. Unscrew the nuts if they're still there.

On left side, unplug the radio connection. On right side, remove radio support and unplug antenna cable.

At this point I find it easier to remove the right side dash panel to allow access to the wiring harness behind the cluster.

Put a protective cover over the upper part of the console.

Reach behind cluster and disconnect instrument and illumination wiring.

With everything loose and disconnected you should be able to lift the cluster up and out far enough to remove any remaining connections and disconnect the oil pressure line. Set the cluster on your cover cloth while making these final disconnects.

Before removing the cluster, disconnect stereo capacitor (stereo only) and speaker connections.

If Bubba has not been there before you, the center cluster harness will be strapped to the rear of the cluster.

With everything disconnected, the cluster ought to lift up and out.

The AIM has a pretty good illustration of the various connections behind the cluster.

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