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69 Tach Cable replacement



Has anyone ever replaced the tach cable? My was broke when I bought the car. I got a new cable, but my question is: How is it attached to the tach? Distributer has a fastener, but the tach end doesn't. Am I missing something?

Unscrew it. It has a large coupled threaded head that screws onto the back of the tach.

At least, that is what I remember from taking mine out.
It sould have a press fit lip that clicks over a latch/tab..........should only fit one way..........Steve
Steve is right about the press fit lip. I replaced mine this year, it helped that two of us did this job. One to press the lip down while pushing the tach cable in and the other turned the cable at the "screwd" end to help align the cable into the tach.
Red, Good point, it is a lot easier with two people. That part of the car is kinda crowded. And you do litterally have to stand on your head to do it :) ............Steve PS Long skinny fingers helps, too..........

They are right, I just went and checked it.

Sorry about that. The 69 race car I worked on last year had an aftermarket cable drive that screwed on at each end.
Don't feel bad

Chris, Don't feel bad, I have 4 69's here in the shop, and i went to make sure before I posted, I even put 2 of the dashes in. I think the last year they twisted on both ends was 67...........Steve
Tach Cable

Well Everyone, I'll dive into it tomorrow and see. I appreciate all the feedback.:beer :beer

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