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72 Dual Snorkel for 454 BB GM ?



Does anyone know if a 72 Camaro dual snorkel is the same part as the original that should be on my big block? This is the last detail I have to fix on my ride. If it is NOT, is there any other replacement or sources for them?? I really would hate to pay the 300 bucks for one out of a catalogue if I dont have to!

Thanks People!:) :)
Air Cleaner

:w Taylorjs,

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community of good people and Corvette nuts. I have some good news for you. That air cleaner isn't very rare at all. My ancient parts book list it as all '70 to '72 Corvette 350 and 454 except '71 LS6. It was part number 6485887. This makes sence as both engines had basically
the same carb and plumbing for emissions ect.

Go to the Portal in the bar at the top of the page and enter used parts in the search box. Call even if they don't list them. Since you know that the 350 and 454 are the same you might get a better deal asking for a 350 air cleaner. If you come up dry let us know. Many of us have our own favorite sources of used parts.


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