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74 head question


T-Top Tom

Could someone tell me how many cc's a 1974 L82 head #333882 has? :confused
And does that number also apply to the 79 L-82 heads as well?

Speaking of heads.......

I have an awesome set of Chevy Bowtie heads sitting in my garage collecting dust. I assume they also have the large chamber of 76cc. I do know they have the 2.02 valves, angular plug design, screw in studs and guideplates.

I found two sets of casting numbers:



8 11 82

Does anybody know what that means?
I was able to find out about a set of heads I have by going to google and just doing a search on the cast number. In your case "14011034"


Hey thanks, that was cool going through Google. Never used that one before.

Looks like I happen to have a couple of desirable cylinder heads. I will look at them tonight to figure out if they are phase I or II. I am sure they will end up being phase I.

You gotta love the way they say "The Phase 2 Bow Tie cylinder head (casting #14011034) has the highest performance potential of any cast iron Chevrolet head."

I have been planning on selling them for around $450 for the pair. I guess that price is not far off because the new ones are around $360 a piece as bare castings. At least mine have the springs, studs, guideplates, etc.

Thanks again.

Phase I

I rushed home and inspected my bow tie heads. Turns out they are the Phase I variety. I will have to keep digging to see what the real difference is between the two.

That Google is a powerful search engine.

T-Top Tom said:
Thanks Mike for the information, I looked in several books and just couldn't fine the answer. Thanks again.

Your 1034 Bow Tie heads are shown as having 64cc chambers in the Quick reference chart in the GM Goodwrench online catalog.

Go to www.gm.com and from the drop down menu in the upper left go to Genuine GM parts. Then from the drop down menu in the upper right go to performance parts. From there you can get all kinds of info and the on line catalog.

Thanks Tom

I know I got off topic on this post--but I sure have learned a lot. That 64cc size is a little better for building compression.

I am amazed at the wealth of information the members have available here.

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