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74 Rear Bumper Cover



The driver side rear bumper cover on my car has three large cracks that start at the rear deck and travel down to the lights. I picked up a good used half that I would like to replace it with.
Here is my line of thinking so somebody stop me if there is a better way.
I would be doing this with the car on the ground and it seems like it would be difficult to deal with a bunch of rusted nuts in a tight spot.
Since the piece coming off is worthless, I want to take a cutoff wheel and cut all around and about two inches in from the mating seams. Then I should be able to just reach in and deal with the rusted and corroded retaining bolts and nuts.
Could someone who has replaced one of these covers shed some insight here?
Also how do the tail light housings come out ?

jim coulter

Dont know about the bumper cover, but I believe the tail lights on a 74 are like the 71(which is what mine is)My Haynes manual doesnt differentiate betwwen 68-82. On my 71 the tail light housings come out. If you remove the lenses you will see what looks like two brass rivets. These are actually studs that go through the body and have nuts on back. On mine, when I went to remove them they were all corroded and broke when trying to remove the nut. So I drilled a hole in the center of the brass ring that was left(still leaving plenty of ring) and put them back with stainless steel bolts,washers,lockwashers and nuts. Try reaching up behind them and see if you can feel the nuts...As far as the bumper cover, I personally would see what had to be done to replace it, and remove the old one according to what had to be done to help in installing the new one( even if I wasnt going to install the new one yet)..hope that helps some.
Jul 23, 2002
Sussex, WI, USA
1980 330HP / 1963 L75 Roadster
Like most of the dark color 1980's I see my rear cover was warpped so I did just as you listed, used a Sabre Saw cut it about 2" from the fiberglas. It sure made reaching those rusty nuts and retainers easy to get to.



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Oct 12, 2000
You have the right idea. But this will only get you halfway. 74 is the only year the tailites don't mount to the bumper. They have their own mounting brackets riveted to the body. Be careful cutting above and along the side of the lites.
Behind the bumper is the crash bar. It fits right against the bumper. You can loosen the bolts on either side and slide the bar forward to gain a little clearance. This is not a fun job, you won't enjoy it.



I had a feeling there was something up with the tail lights when I didn't see any screws holding on the lens. I will check it out before I start cutting. Thanks to all for the input.
Any other suggestions are welcome.


I had some pretty rusty bolts too. (1977) I just climbed on my back, and did a pretty good job under the car. (I don't think I used jackstands either.) It doesn't bother me to sweat under the car. In fact, I probably spent almost as much time under the car, as driving it. (just joking....but alot of time.)


ripped it !

I am so bummed ! I was prepping my replacement bumper ( old stock) and I ripped it ! About 1 inch long in a very conspicuous spot (top corner). Anyone know of any way to repair a small rip ? :cry

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