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75' key stuck



I traded for a 75' CORVETTE that the previous owner put in a ditch. The front was pushed up & back appr. 1". I'm replacing the front left fender. The key is still in the ignition, it will start the car, and turn it off. But it will not go to the lock position so I can remove the key. I disconnected the trans cable but it didn't help. I need some help or info on removing the key. I can't park the car anywhere because I don't want to leave the key in it. THANKS ...BROHOKUS...OKC area. 80,000 original miles, last time on the road, 6 years ago.. brohokus@hotmail.com
Sorry I can't help with your problem. :( I jsut wanted to say welcome to CAC. There are a lot of friendly and helpful people here I'm sure that someone can help you. :W:
Bro, When you disconeected the cable, did you go to the steering column end and pull the lever all the way to the top. Also are you sure it is a 75 steering column. The 69 column had a column lock inside just below the turn signal ring. (I never could really figure out what this was good for)..........Good luck...Steve
It could be that the whole key cylinder maybe turned slightly in the steering column, and is not aligned properly in which case you'll have to remove the steering wheel and go inside the column to get at the lock cylinder. this is not an easy fix and special tools are required to achieve this.
I had the same prob on my 77 I took my time and was able to realign the cylinder myself and was able to remove the key.
Make sure you do not loose any parts of the horn assemb. and the springs and take notes of how you are dissassemb. there are a lot of small pieces to contend with.
Good Luck
P.S. I hope someone has a better solution.
I have to agree with 75corvette. About 6 months ago my 82 corvette had the same problem. Could not get the key to turn off. I just got back from a long trip late at night and the car would not shut off. I finally got the car to shut off and tore apart the steering column the next morning. Installed a new cylinder lock ignition switch the next day and it fixed the problem. Like 75 was saying be careful with all the little pieces. I am still having problems with my horn working intermittently. I need to tear it back apart and see where it'messed up at. Good luck and let us know what the fix was.


As SSVETTE suggested, I pulled the lever up at the bottom of the steering collum, and was able to get the key out. Now with the trans in park and the lever all the way up with the cable unhooked, there is about one inch space. How do I adjust the lever or cable? I appreciate the help I've gotten, but need a little more. THANKKKKS... BROHOKUS...
I love it when I'm right...........Yea I'm da man.......uh uh......:Twist However, I will have to get back with you on the other question. I know the shifter cable has a little adjustment on the trans bracket, but I'm not sure about the Cable. I will get one on the rack in the AM and let you know unless someone else know.................Steve

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