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75 vette radiator


mike c

hi everybody somebody please need help in installing back raditor in a 75 vette l-48 4spd w/ac i replaced radiator support and am struggling in clearing radiator shroud, i have looked over manual would be nice if it explained in depth . i removed fan blade , shroud doesn't seem to squeeze past control arms. i don't want to snap shroud any help would be appreciated thanks mike
Mike ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~

I won't be able to help you with the installation of your radiator shroud on your '75. I'm sure one of our members will be able to provide you with the help you'll need to get the puppy back together. We have a lot of Shark owners here and lots of experience. ;)

Good Luck and enjoy the ride.
as per Haynes Repair Manuel

I know this isn't the greatest source of info but are you trying to completly remove the shroud from the car ? Haynes manual states to "Detatch the radiator shroud and hang it over the fan assembly". I have seen other posts about all the hassles of removing or replacing the fan shroud, so I guess instead of trying to remove the shroud completly, just try to move it enough, maybe with the help of a friend, to squeeze the radiator back in.
Good Luck.
Never having removed a fan shroud from a '75 Corvette, I am thinking of the ones I have removed from other vehicles and...
I'm trying to picture what control arms would be in the way?
I have just removed and replaced the rad in my '79. I'm not sure this applies to a '75. According to the GM Service Manual, you can't install the shroud after the rad is installed. It must be laying loosly, almost in place before the rad is installed (same with rad removal, remove rad, then shroud). If I've misunderstood you and where you are in the repair, I apologize in advance.

Remove the four, upper core support-to-inner- fender bolts. Loosen the two lower bolts, then pivot the core support forward.

That will gain you additional working room to lower the shroud in place.
I replaced the radiator on my '76 last spring. Because of the long neck at the base of the radiator, I did not see any way to remove or replace it with the shroud in the way.

To remove the shroud, I removed the fan clutch, the fan, the pulleys, the air pump, and moved the A/C compressor. The bolts in the fenders had to be loosened as suggested by Hib. I also removed the hood in order to get more leverage in pulling the radiator forward.

This was my first repair job on my Vette and almost my last! It was not easy - good luck.

My Shroud

Well, well...looks like I finally got some work done to my Corvette. I decided to remove the shroud as to allow me better access to the engine compartment and because I will be going to electric fans. Of course, this is where I usually run into problems that I did not see when inspecting my Vette before I bought it. :(
...It was not easy.
What happened? Well, I removed the fan and clutch, belts came off fine and reached for the top mounting screws. Errr.... what the hell is this? Somehow, either due to heat or fire, the shroud had melted over the bolts. So I get the pliers and try to massage some access room. No deal. Ahh.... time to break out my trusted "BIG" screwdriver. A little leverage and SNAP!!! Pieces starting flying all over the garage, but when I get started, sometimes I can't stop. Now time to remove the shroud. Hmmm... it's not clearing the A-arms... a push here and there and still nothing. What to do, what to do? Electric fans = no use for big, ugly shroud that's melted. Where's that Sawzall? Oh yeah, I don't own one, the rental place does and they're closed. After subjecting the shroud to the whims of my curses, I break out the drill and work some magic. Just push here and pull there and a even louder SNAP!!! :eek The shroud is in two and still puts up a fight. After a few hits, it finally surrenders and is extracted from my mighty '71. Whew! :gap Disclaimer: The methods above are for those who have a disassembly manual that falls a bit short. You must have impatience and must wear eye protection from airborne projectiles. :D --Bullitt
Disclaimer: The methods above are for those who have a disassembly manual that falls a bit short. You must have impatience and must wear eye protection from airborne projectiles. --Bullitt


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