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76 vette Radiator Shroud


Fast Ed

I just recieved the worst news. GM has discontinued the rshroud for the early model year 76. Every where i look there is no price which means it is like a lobster on a menu) you dont want to know how much. The recycle yard in NH did not rven respond to my parts request.

I need help! Does anyone know of the existance of this part in a good yard.

Fast Ed
getting slower
I got one.....ohoohhhh Money, Money

Ed, What is an early model 76? I have a good shroud off of a 76, but I don't know what you mean by early model. I was going to use it on a 73 that I have here in the shop. But, if it is a rare item, maybe I could sell it to you and then retire:). I just kiddin'. If it is what you need, I will sell it to you and get the correct one for the 73. Personnally I can't tell the differance.......Let me know..........Steve
Here are couple places to check

Check out the <A HREF="http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/links1.html" TARGET=_blank> "Link Index"</A>, and <A HREF="http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/sponsors.html" TARGET=_blank> "Supporting Vendors"</A> here on The Corvette Action Center.
Also here are couple of places that might have the '76 shroud you are looking for, <A HREF="http://www.justcorvettes.com" TARGET=_blank> "Just Corvettes"</A> ; and Gruhala Enterprises in Desoto, Missouri 1-636-586-3909. Good Luck
Lobster anyone?

my vette was built late in the model year of production. They made some changes under the hood ie. Radiator width is the one i have a problem with. The radiator I have is 27.5" wide (core width) they also made one that is 29". Since i bought it WELL used and crunched many parts wewe scavanged from what seems to be several different model year cars.

If you look on the bottom of the shroud there will be the GM part number, if it hasent been rubbed off. I have P/N 8585 which is flat (no ribs to bracket the radiator). The ID between the ribs on the 27.5" radiator should be about 28".

After a careful review I have a 27.5 radiator W/a 27" support and a 27" shroud. It now looks as if i need ANOTHER radiator to match HMMM. Whats that bailing twine and bubble gum, good idea. Just like the last owner.


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