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78' SA project for sale in NH..


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Jul 16, 2002
Dover, NH
Hi all,
I just relocated to a new house, job etc and am selling my 78' SA vette project
The car has original low miles 37K but you would never know it , because It sat outside for 7 years!! The car's frame was rusty, very solid not rotted.
What I have done so far

1) Pulled body and stripped frame down, POR15'd the whole thing, put in Trailing arms from a 20K mile mint 82' Rear I had, all new bushings, ball joints, tie rods (all front end pieces from Vette brakes) etc etc.. all new Stainless Steel fuel lines, and brake lines, ujoints, trans lines, rear spring..

2) new SS calipers all round, new front rotors (rears are really nice since only 20K miles on them), New adjustable Strut rods.

3) Motor ran very well when I brought the car in the garage before pulling it apart a year ago. I put new rear seal, front timing seal, intake gaskets, oilpan gaskets, painted the block, and added Dynomax ceramic coated headers.

4) I had a 700R4 trans built from a local shop, can get specs on it, but it was nothing radical (Since this vette was going to be a daily driver, not a 400HP beast). I went for the Bowties custom crossmember.

The body is back on the frame, the motor/trans/rear and all suspension are back in.

Car still needs work before drivable:
1) Haven't had the drive shaft shortened yet
2) rad and support needs to go back in, all accessory's for front of motor need to be cleaned/ painted and put back on and get the motor running.
3) needs wheels polished (I have 7 Alum wheels to go with the car) and needs at least 2 tires.
4) needs exhaust from headers back, I have a mint dual 2.5" dynomax exhaust from a 75 that 90% can be used on this car, just need to change up at collectors.
5) Rear bumper needs to be put back on,
6) Could use interior package, or just carpet, put on slip seat covers, clean the rest and the interior would be fine for a driver.
7) I would replace the weather stripping.
8) would also still need a 4 wheel alignment (Since I just guessed at settings in my garage).
9) No radio, and needs new power antenna.
10) has some nicks onthe body, and front bumper, one crack about 1.5" long on pass front fender. Car could be cleaned and driven as is for a while and would look ok from 10 feet away.. But I was going to have the body painted once the project was done..
11) I have bags and boxes of the parts/bolts that need to go back on the car, most are still rusty and need to be cleaned up/painted before they go back on the car.

This car was not ever going to be a show car, I wanted a nice solid, very reliable, clean driver. Its only about 70% close to being done. Most of the stuff left (other than above) is mainly TLC stuff.. I easily have 9-1010G into this car (I can't believe how fast it adds up) and it still needs a fair amount of work before it is drivable let alone painted and looking good, so I know I will not get nearly what I have invested (Even for just the parts I put into it!)..
but I have also seen real basket cases (Basicly the same as what this car started out as) for sale and sold at 4-5K

The car is 2 tone silver/gray with oyster interior.

Price is 5K

If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail at bansell@cetacean.com

I can take more pics..

I really wanted to finish this car, just got engaged blah blah blah... Will be married in Oct!
Basically I don't have the time now and will prob kick myself later!!



Here are some pics along the way.. http://temp.corvetteforum.net/c3/ba....corvetteforum.net/c3/bans25//vetteframe3.jpg


Body going back on (By myself!)



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Feb 25, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio
ZZ4, 700R4, Steeroids rack & pinion, VB&P Brakes
Your picture links don't work....


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Jul 16, 2002
Dover, NH
Not sure why they don't work?

I can e-mail pictures if anyone is interested..


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