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'80 Shark...Hello Again, Ohio!



A couple of months ago, I had an idea of checking out a '71 Coupe at an Ohio dealership. All of my CAC friends in Ohio, and in nearby states, were ready to make the proverbial road trip to check it out for me.

Well, that idea didn't turn out so well, but I haven't stopped looking for "my" Shark :). I have spotted this one, in Columbus (yes, Ohio again!):


It is an '80 L48 automatic, frost beige/oyster, 39K actual miles (according to the state of Ohio).

The dealer has sent me a good set of photos, videos and referrals. One odd thing: I did a search on the VIN, and Ohio shows it being titled to three dealers and one aftermarket company (no private owner) since August of '01. What do you folks make of that?

Can any of my CAC friends recommend an independent inspection/appraisal service in the Columbus area? Before I get everybody all primed for a road trip, I'd like to do the preliminaries the right way this time!!

I really appreciate your suggestions :w.

Thanks! - Gene


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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Nikki will be in Columbus in mid June. Maybe she can swing through and give you an eyeball on that puppy. She has a good eye for cosmetic things, and can usually tell if there has been any funky monkey stuff going on with the mechanicals.

The pictures look great.

Why has it been titled so much? Well, I would guess that it has changed hands through an original trade in at a dealer, to the Vette shop, the vette shop may have gone belly up, or just turned around and auctioned it, and it ended up with another dealer.

It may be too that they first put it up for sale with a HUGE price tag, and it has gathered much dust in the mean time.


There has/was a 76 vette at the local Chevy dealer by me for sale. It was there for months so I stopped in and talked to the sales person, and this is what he told me.

They took the car in on a new truck trade from a friend of the owner. They can't sell it because all there customers are not interested in that type of car and the only ones who are dont have cash (younger kids). He said that they cannot finance a car that old so it has to be a cash deal.

Its a decent car in good shape. I started it and it fireed right up. May need some detailing and possibly a motor down the line but it ran good when I looked at it. Was white with red interior. They wanted 6200.00 cash but I'm sure would take less. It might be gone now as I haven't been there in a month


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Nov 18, 2001
West Unity OH
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Yeeeah ha

I can tell you why it is listed in so many places. Poor paper work on the part of the people doing the transfers. My little horror story, when I got my new tags, all 4 was for the same car. Over a month ago and still fighting the paper work for them to straighten out their mistake. Since it created a fuss in our DMV I'm now getting letters from the State wanting to know how I would rate their service. I'm sure they will correct the problem by installing a new system to check against this thing happening again. Let's see we'll need a zone administrator, a director, a manager, a supervisor, a new office building, new computers, a special program, all new forms, new furniture, and last but not least, a worker to fire when they screw up again.

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