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80's squeakin brakes



My poor babys' brakes are still squeakin:( I am not really overly tuned into mechanical things. More cosmetic fine tuning! But this squeak is to the point of driving me crazy, just squeak squeak squeak, then I apply the brakes and it stops. She seems to squeak after about 10 minutes or so of driving after things get warmed up. HELP PLEASE!:w

Im surprised that greasing the caliper/ brake pad rods didnt solve the problem...did you do all 4 brakes?
Grease them up real good? :D
The symptom you have is exactly what happens when those things need to be greased.

Good luck :)

got a mouse?

Hello Lady80,
Welcome to the site from another woman Vette owner! When I read your post, it sounds like my own car when I have a U-joint that needs replacing....annoying steady squeak at lower speeds that stop when the brake is applied but begin again at roll-out.
Do you have a mechanic or garage you trust?
*This is not to say that your problem is not your brakes, especially if you just had them worked on, but check out all avenues and narrow down the possibilities of the problem before you fix things that don't need fixing.

lady80 ~ just checkin in to see how you're comin' along with those squeakers.
Have you been able to determine if it is the brakes or the u-joints ?
Those things drive me crazy when they occurr as I have terminal bubba-itis, but am smart enuf to leave it alone and take it to someone who knows what they're doin and let them fix it.:s
When you get those squeaks out, you'll be ready for a road trip. :cool: ...and we have one going back to the Rendezvous in late June leaving Modesto on Sunday June 24th.
Just something for you to think about :D ...and if it's something you'd like to join in on, just let me or the Rare81
know ASAP as it will be time to book rooms along the way soon.
Rought up the rotors

Hi, Hope this helps. The problem you have is that the metallic brake lining has set up a "harmonic" on the brake rotor. Kinda of like rubbing your finger around the rim of a water glass. Once the glass is clean from your wet finger, it sets up a loud shrill from the very clean and shinny surface.

If the brake pads have been recently replaced and are in good thick condition, then all that has to be done is removed all four wheels...........have a qualified shop take his orbital high speed drill, insert his 3 inch disc and rough up the ROTER surface that is all shinny. That will break up the harmonics that are set up with this system. Todays metallic pads create the problem. When these cars were designed, an abspestos material was used in the brake pad and it was quiet.Due to the cancer problem, this material is no longer available.
Where in California do you live?? I do know some garages that are Corvette friendly.
Hope this helps.
Jim Gessner
I've heard that switching over to organic brake pads will cure this problem too. Mine squeek horribly as well but I'm cheap. I plan to try the sandpaper method as soon as I get it roadworthy again.

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