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'81 Bouncing Fuel Gauge Needle


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Oct 15, 2000
Bowie, MD
Vette-less for now
If I don't already have enough things that 'bounce' in this toy, now my fuel gauge needle bounces like crazy over any bump in the road. Nice and still on a smooth Interstate, but once off the main line..... bounce, bounce bounce. Since the float is supposed to 'bounce' somewhat in the tank... any suggestions in the electrical circuit that would control the instantanious response of the sending unit? Thing will bounce almost a half tank in reading some times.

Thanks........ Nut
Nut, My guess, and I stress the word guess, would be a loose conection either at the sending unit or at the guage itself. With the car running at idle and setting still tap the guage cluster and see if it moves. As far as the sending unit, it is on top of the tank. You can remove the gas lid and the rubber boot around it and you will see the sending unit and the wires. Jiggle the wires and see if the guage moves. If you still have no movement in the guage, try bounce the rear of the car and see if that makes a difference. If it still don't do anything, carry a gas can:)......It could be a loose connection any where in between too. But this is where I would start.....Good luck.......Steve
Nut...I have an '81 G-30 Chevy that has a similar problem with the fuel gauge. What I was told to look for is a broken ground wire. Still haven't found it, but still looking. Dale
Thanks Steve/Dale,

As soon as I get the daily driver back in the garage, the SPEC special will be given a break. I'll cut off the power and start running around the circuit with a Multimeter and see what turns up.

Dale... Did you get the possible route to BG that I emailed you last week? If not let me know.

....... Nut
Nut, my 81 was doing that last year and it proved to be a loose connecion at the sending unit.

Thanks Tom, Long time no hear from. If I get the chance this weekend I'll take a look. Everyone seems to agree this is the best place to start.

Regards...... Nut

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