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81 Paint job



Just courios if anyone has an idea of what a fair estimate would be on a paint job.

I know this is somthing that will varry place to place. Looking to have the entire car done and change color. I plan on suppling all the emblems, weather striping and trim components. So basically paint and labor.

Just looking for a ball park of what i should be seeing. So I know Im not getting hosed or paying to little to get any type of decent results.

If anyone know a good shop in the Syracuse NY area I would apreachiate any info there too. Im not really conected with a good body shop I know I will be happy with around here.


painted last year

We had ours done last year with a local shop in Washington state when we lived there. Our cost ran approx. $4500, and I had to be a pain in the @$$ to get him to fix some items I was not happy with.
I would think that $5-$8k is reasonable for a good job on a C3.

When "interviewing" body shops:
*ask for photos of their work
*ask to see examples of their work
*ask for references that you may contact regarding their work
*be absolutely clear about what you expect
(I was shown an orange-peel free example and expected that result...I had to b*tch to get it after the shop called it 'done'.)
*check out their shop, messy & disorganized? neat & orderly?
*ask if you may make periodic visits to check or document progress

I'm sure others will have a better list of items to inquire about.
What color are you shooting for?


I don't know if you checked the guy's I told you about in your last post that did mine but. Here's 2 other's that do nice work.

1. Statebridge Collision, the guy isn't cheap but he's an artist.

He had a customer's car in CorvetteFever under reader's ride's. I think it was called ShatteredGlass.

2. Chuck's Autobody, he's around Kirkville.

There is one more that is real good out this way , but for the life of me I can't remember his outfit's name. He does alot of streetrods. Next time I'm out that way I'll get his name for you.

BTW, you said in your other post that you had an interior guy.

Want to tell me how to get ahold of him?

I think your looking at about 5 grand and up for a top notch color change.

Let us know who you use.

Happy hunting

Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)


interior guy


The interior guy Ive been using is at Syracuse Auto Dynamics
Dan runns the place 315-478-988. They are off west street in Syracuse

He did my seats a few week ago, I was real happy with the work. I had him do a custom cover on cloth. See pic
Not bad for $450 ( I though so anyway )

He does alot of classic and has done many vettes, I be bring him my carpet and dash to re-do in a few weeks as well.


81 Paint Job

I have mine painted every 2 years at the local vocational school
for $850.00. Have gotten prices of up to $4500.00 and paying $4500.00 your still going to get pits and stress cracks from general driving. So.... I have all the dings, stress cracks, and new paint for $850.00


Corvette Craig


Getting the Vette painted by a school for $850.00
I like your moxey.
I had mine done by (yes, I admit) MACCO
I paid $1800.00, which included minor body work and a 3-stage pearl paint job.
I'm not sorry at all, they did a great job.

Fact is, Ed's right.

Road wear, pits, stress cracks, all happen.

It's not like I won't want to have it repainted some time down the road. So why pay more.

IMHO, You get what you pay for, but a rock is a rock.


81 paint job

Hey, it's my car so I do all the work on it....I painted my own car....after looking into it and finding that a decent jog would go for $5K......hell no....thats what I paid for my ZR-1 eng/trans combo.....too much money, so I took a 3 classes at my Community College to learn how to do body and paint....very well spent time indeed....So I striped the car with paint striper, sanded and applied three coats of base and another three of clear.....
Now you wana know #'s everything including tools, thinners, paints, and of couse those clases was about $1K and now I have a very good show quality paint job without any orange peel or anything. So think about it!!!! $5k for a pro to do it or $1k just you. Of course I also found places that would do it for $400 but they only apply the paint.

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