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'81 rear speakers

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Sat. Nite Special

I know there are alot of '81 owners in this forum so....what is the correct location for the rear speakers? Mine are sort of behind the wheel well facing each other at about a 30 degree angle. But I have seen vettes with them behind the wheel well facing each other directly or at the very back of the hatch facing forward. The carpet and speakers were replaced by the previous owner in my case but the set up looks like it could be original. How are other's 81's set up?
When I got my Vette, the rear speakers were behind the wheel wells facing almost straight forward. They might have been slightly turned in, but they were definately at the back of the wheel wells, flush with the rear of the luggage compartment. I hope that helps. 'Cept, I took mine out and built a custom speaker box for better speakers. I've thought of using 5&1/4" speakers in the back, instead of the stock 6x9's, but that would take more custom work. Anyway, hope I've helped some.


It may vary from year to year, I'm not sure. I can tell you by looking at our '81 that they are behind the wheelwell angled to the inside about as far as the wheelwell will allow. I don't think it is more than about 20 deg though. I think you will find metal clips attached to the inner panels to which the speaker panels are screwed . That would tell you that they are in the right place.

My wife's '81 was ordered by her and has never been modified in any way or had any carpet or speakers replaced so I can say for a fact that this is where God (Corvette Assembly) put them. Hope this helps.

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