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82 corvette


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
hi all I have a 82 vette and was wondering if anyone knows did chevy make any a convertible and possibly how many have been known to be converted like mine also is the crossfire motor basically a L-82 with crossfire injection

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. The last year for the Corvette convertible was 1975. It didn't reappear until 1986. There were no 1982 Corvette convertibles manufactured. However, there are some customized 82 Corvettes that were converted into convertibles. I believe there is a company out in California that did this for a while. I'm not sure if they're still in business or not.

I converted my corvette using a factory 74 rear convertible clip a 71 hard top and a 75 soft-top
Very cool! If you get a chance, post a picture of it. I've seen other '80-'82 models converted to convertibles and they really look sharp.
Very :cool and welcome to the CAC! I've only seen pictures of 82 conversions - hope to see one in real life. Do you attend Carlisle or any other major Vette events?

The specs of the L83 engine are:

L82 (464664) forged flat top (TRW) pistons
X rods
Cast crank
2 bolt mains
462624 smog head, lightweight castings
1.94 & 1.5 valves
Open chamber design (no quench)
straight plugs
Stock cam:
@ 0.050
Lobe Center Angle 115
Intake centerline 126
Intake duration 202
Exaust duration 206
Intake lift 0.403
Exhaust lift 0.415



Now THAT is one radical serious business engine!!!! :D Do you have any idea of estimated Dyno hp or torque numbers? Please post more pictures once it is installed. This I gotta see!

Good luck.......... Nut
Hey Nut,

I haven't finished the engine, that's a mockup to see if everything fits and to fab some more stuff (like alternator barckets, more oil lines, accu sumps and so on)

You can see there's plastic foil around the (bare) engine block.

I'm hoping to get it dynoed after I have it finished. Installation will take some time though, my car currently looks like this:



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