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84 vette comes out of overdrive



Hello, I have a question about my new transmission (among other things) in my vette. The car seems to hold in gears 1,2 & 3 longer than they should. When I get it up to speed, say 50, and let off the throttle it will go into overdrive. As soon as the throttle is pressed it comes out of OD. When driving at freeway speeds the car seems to hunt between 3 & 4. The shop has replaced the TV cable and tried different adjustments. They say that all they can do is make the shift softer. Does anyone know what gives? Like I said, the tranny is new. The car has also generated a code 21 with a rough idle when 1st started a few times. I shut it off and started it and the rough idle goes away. My mechanic has tried to contact the tranny builder to ask him about it but he went to Italy yesterday. I just want to drive the car again someday.

Thanks... ...Tim


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May 23, 2001
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It sounds like to me a Valve body is clogged (But this is a new transmission)?! Id usually suggest you run a thinner of some type then drain and replace filter. Now fill. BUT this is a new transmission...Hmmm

Could it be the torque converter? Is that new? If thats not working you'll get sypmtoms like your getting now.


I think you are correct. Today I went to the shop that has the car and looked thru the manual. It suggests a few things about the valve body. The paperwork that came with the valve body said that you must replace or flush the cooler or some piston will stick. We replaced the cooler. The car is headed back to the shop that built the tranny. The mechanic there said he is going to pull the valve body to look. If that is not it it will sit there till the 20th when his boss gets back from Italy.

Thanks.. ..Tim


Well, The garage sent the vette back to the transmission shop and they looked at it. I do not understand it. They said that the throtle plate was bent and the TV cable needed adjusted. My mechanic drove it back and told me that it shifted better but it still had the overdrive problem. I called him Sunday and told him that I was going to pick up the vette to at least put a stereo in it. I picked it up and the tranny seems to work well. I am beginning to wonder if my mechanic has been keeping it to run to the parts store in or something.

I am going to post a new question about the tranny though.

Thanks.. ..Tim

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