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86 hesitation



Hello. I had a roaming idle condition so I pulled of intake plenum, and replaced all brittle vaccum lines under there. I reassembled, and now I have no idle at cold start, but a fine idle once warm. The problem is I have a TERRIBLE hesitation most of the time if I punch it. Almost a half a second before it takes off and then minor stumbling if i keep pedal down while it's winding up. If I accelerate slowly it's a lot better, though you can sense all power is not there. I triple checked vaccum lines, TPS connector, and everything else I disturbed when I removed plenum. I do have a code 33, but thats been there for a week, and I ordered a new MAF sensor, after going through all the diagnostics in the manual and replacing both relays and there connectors. So I have no new codes for the hesitation. My question is if the MAF sensor is going south, will this cause hesitation blues? Anybody else had this problem after removing plenum? I should add the idle problems started when I threw a code a week ago for the MAF sensor.

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