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87 sport seats (electric)


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Apr 2, 2001
'74 Yellow/Tan int '96 Black/Black int LT4
Can somone send me the dimensions of thier 87 electric sport seats, length, width, hieghth of tracks and seats. I just bought a pair and want to know if they will fit in my 74 before they get shipped.

Wamp 74
Wamp, I'll be removing my seats again in the near future (?) to finish installing my passenger harness, I could try to get some measurments for you then, but I can't tell you when "then" is... :eyerole

I should have the seats in about three weeks after that it would be to late, thanks anyway. Do you recall if your seats are higher than a c3's. Don't wanna be sticking my head out the t-tops (lol) I hope they fit without to many mods or problems. I like the sport seat look of the C4 seats.

Wamp 74'
Three weeks? I thought you were talking soon. :L

I should be getting into mine either tonight or tomorrow. I'm gonna change the smog pump again, and change the plug wires (I burned through two on the trip), so maybe I'll pull the seats out as well. I just hope I don't forget to get measurements for you. ;)


Yeah you better take the seats out and not forget to get dimensions, Smog stuff can wait (lol) They should be here in 10 -14 days but I hate to say that as when you are looking forward to something then it takes even longer, UPS dude takes lunch or vacation.

Wamp 74'
Wamp, I was just perusing the threads and noticed that I had you confused with another thread on C4 seats in a C3. :eek:

I was thinking that you were well on your way to figuring out the solution (see: C-4 seats in a C-3?) but that was 1979toy.

We still have time right? :L


Oops, ya did see it! I just gotta monitor these posts a little closer, but it gets difficult when they are in seperate forums. :eyerole

I swear all of these threads were not here when i posted. Still have awhile before seats will show up.


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