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88' Water Pump



Anybody out there with the same question?

There is a metal disc about 10" diameter attached to the water pump on my 88 and I don't know what's the function of this thing. And I was wondering if I can remove it and probably get a little more power since I'm taking waight off the water pump. It is attached with 4 screws. And if I do so, will I get any problem with the cooling system? What is the function of this disc?

I have checked the Haynes manual and other books like TPI swapper's gide and How to tune and modify TPI engines, the owners manual but it's not shown anywhere. Also asked the local GM dealer about it and they only told me not to remove it, it is there for a purpose. Yeah but what is the purpose? They couldn't tell me.

I saw the same thing in a 89 in a local show but didn't ask the owner about it.

Have anybody removed this disc without creating another problem with the cooling system?
I took it off my 90 and have had zero problems as a result. I don't know for sure, but I think it helps "smooth" out the harmonics on the system. There is some possiblity that it could make the bearing and seal last longer on the water pump. I felt like it might have been causing some belt slippage on the down stroke of a hard fast rev due to the fact that the disc might want to stay in motion after the crank pulley starts slowing down.

My buddy took his off his 89 and has gone over 50K miles since with no problems.
The nickname for it is "frisbee". Most people remove it. It is added mass that does not have to be there.
Don't you know? It's to keep the camels away!!

86 tpi zf-6 Modified L98 270hp & 317 lb.ft Rearwheelpower

:L :L :L Do you see any? :L :L :L :L
Thanks guys!

I will take that fresbee off on the first oportunity I have. Well, the weekend's over so I'll wait for the next one.

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