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91&92 Interior Pics?


Sal Collaziano

Hi all. I'm trying to decide between a 91 and 92 Corvette. Because of price, I will probably go with a 91 but I would like to see the difference between the 91 and 92 interior, mainly the dash. I'm curious especially as to the difference in grey/black buttons to soley black buttons (92) and the speedometer area difference. Anyone have pics?

Stay tuned. We're going to try and rollout a major project by the end of this weekend which should hopefully help answer your questions. ;)
Some prelim info.

Here are a few "HOT OFF THE PRESS" shots of a '91 Dash from two different vantage points!


Hope this helps!
Those pictures are great! Thanks! And Rob... I'm anxious to see what you've got planned!

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