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91 exhaust



my dads got a 1991 vette, and i'm wondering what type of exhaust would be good for it? Granted, it's not an LS1, or LT1, but NE insight would be nice. I've got flowmasters on my 91 Silverado, and i've heard those on most other vehicles, but i'm wondering what would give it that nice tone. Thanks, any insight is welcome
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I've got flowmasters on my ZR-1. I am impressed with the sound and performance, but don't really care to much for the tips. Personally, I would like to put the Tri-Flow mufflers on........but I might wait till I actually need them :)

i would actually like to keep the quad outlet look. As most of ya'll probably know, the 92+ have the square tips while 91 was the last year for the 4 outlet tips (intill the C5's). I can always just get the mufflers, and hope a local shop around town, can help me out w/ the tips, but i really would have the 4 outlets. lol, also if ya got NE other good ideas as far as bolt ons go, i'd appreciate that info as well. I'm not looking for a high performance monster like a Stage II is, but i'm just lookin up to free up some ponies.
The Flowmasters have the quad tips you're looking for and are probably the cheapest because they are aluminum and not stainless steel. Another friend of mine has Flowmasters on his ZR-1 except he cut the tips off and welded his own on. I've thought about doing this as well.......
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