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92 Fog Light, Running Light removal



Hey Everyone! I hope someone can help me out. Does anyone know how to remove the fog light/running light assemblies? Mine are full of road dirt,well not full but they look terrible.I would like to replace these units with new ones.Ive looked under the hood at them and it doesnt look easy.For a backyard mechanic anyway.Thanks.
You have to remove the front bumper if my bodyman is correct. ;)

_ken :w
While we are talking about fog lights, has anyone seen yellow tinted bulbs?? I would like to switch due to the weather and road conditions around here.

Bumper off

When I has my front end dammage, I checked it out
There is no way to get em out without removing the front bumper ( which I had to have done AGAIN) since the stupid spring clip that holds the lights FWD broke & fell out

It seems to me to be a lot easier to open the little door under the bumper and clean them as best you can.

Most up grade to the higher wattage (50W) and leave it at that.
Don't the 92s already have the 50w bulbs in them?
92 Fog Light Removal

Thanks for the imput guys, Don, I'll ck those little doors underneath the front bumper, hopefully I can get that awful road dirt out. Air hose????

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