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93' Bose CD repair



i purchased a 93 ruby red coupe in august and the car had only 32000 miles on it. Among other little things the CD player won't work. it will eventually take CD but will not play then you play hell getting it out. i am thinking that after 14 years of sitting it needs a good cleaning and lubrication. most places i,ve talked to want 200 to over 300 to send it out and all agree this is probably what it needs after sitting. so i thought why not do it yourself. so i must ask you all (the experts) for some insight and where i could get some instructions and so forth. the factory service manuals do not address it.
thanks , tony


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Jul 30, 2003
santa cruz, ca
Bose head unit removal

Simple 45 minute job (10 minutes the second time)..... position yourself in the driver's seat with a phillips screw driver, and a 7mm socket + driver with extension, and remove 12 screws (having a magnet handy will prevent the loss of screws to the internals). There are 2 spring clips securing the bezel to the dash, so take caution when prying the bezel away from the dash. Remove CD head unit and send to dr don (see link above)...... $130 + $15 return shipping.

Access link and click on HEAD UNIT REMOVAL: http://www.c4guru.com/modules.php?name=electrical

NOTE: if you have a manual tranny, move the shifter to gear position 2, 4, or 6 to provide wiggle room for the bezel to be adjusted for access to the 2 lower screws at the bottom of the face plate. There is no need to remove the leather or shift lever knob.

Be sure to download SHIPPING FORM from dr don link.


thanks guys, i also dig the C4guru. makes things simple and thats good for simple minded guy like me.

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