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94 Conv. questions



Just bought a '94 convetible and have some questions.

1. Is the window in the ragtop suppose to be glass or plastic? Mine is plastic. Was glass an option??
2. Where is the sticker with the RPO codes for the car listed?? I can't find one anywhere in my car.
3. Is it a common problem with the ragtop pin (located behind the driver) popping out of the latch when the top is up? What needs to be replaced to fix this as I can't drive it in the rain this way?
4. Is the shifter plastic console (the plastic that surrounds the shifter and houses the power set switch) higher than the radio plastic piece where the two meet?
5. My seat belt female end release buttons face away from the console on both seats. I know this is not right but I don't know why it would have been changed.
6. Has anyone disabled the passenger side air bag?
7. Does anyone have a picture of what pins to jumper on the diagnostic connector to check error codes? My "sys" light periodically comes on.

Thanks in advance!



1. The top on a 1994 should have a glass rear window. Your top may be a replacement top.
2. There should be a rpo code list on the underside of your center console door.
3. I don't know why your top pin is popping loose maybe it can be adjusted at the latch.
4. On mine the console piece is slightly higher on the drivers side where the two meet.
5. Sounds like your seat belts are installed backwards. Maybe someone had them out and didn't pay attenion when they put them back in.
6. nope not me
7.Sorry no photo


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More answers

6) Me neither... and you wouldn't want to... if you disconnect it your air bag light would always be on..... UNLESS YOU FOUND THE CORRECT R VALUE TO SIMULATE TH AIR BAG COIL....not advisable at all.... and do not use an ohm meter to buzz it out...you WILL light off the explosive charge.

7) Find my posts about Error codes.....

and Resto75 is correct.


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Correction !!

Only 95 and 96 convertibles came with the glass window in the top. All earlier ones had the plastic window such as yours.


Most of your questions have been answered, but I'm going to take it a step further and say that your top is a replacement top ('93 was the last year for a vinyl rear window. All subsequent years are glass.) There are 2 reasons why your pins are popping out of the decklid bezels: one being the top was not installed properly; the other being since it is more than likely an aftermarket top, it is not made to OEM specs and just does not fit the frame correctly (not enough material). Either way, there is too much pressure/pull at the back corners and your pins are popping out; this is not a common problem, as you had asked.

I have heard of people adjusting the pins, but have never done so myself, nor looked into it at all. Be careful with the pins as they can easily scratch the surrounding paint on the decklid.

As stated, lift the center console in your car - a list of RPOs should be there.

As far as the SYS light coming on - check your battery. Is it fresh/fully charged? I know this sounds like an odd recommendation, but the SYS light will come on when the battery is low.

Black Ice

Nope 94, 95, 96 all have glass rear windows. Your climate control will even have a rear window defroster button. You are now missing this feature.


94 Vette

Thanks so much for all of your help! Found the wires for the rear window defrost after posting. Seatbelts now switched. What I was thinking was of a bypass switch for the passenger airbag so that a kid can ride there. I see in Corvette Fever the new ones have it! I guess I should have bought an '03...nah. I'll check the battery too. Thanks again for your experience :)

Black Ice

Check with your local Chevrolet Dealer, I think GM makes a Dealer installed aftermarket bag cut off switch. Ross

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