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94 Electronic Climate Control



Has anyone had problems with their electronic climate controls. When I push the buttons, I have to hold them in longer than a couple seconds before they register/work. Also, today I had the heater on and could not lower the temp until I had the unit off(and to get unit off had to depress off button for at least 3 seconds before it worked ). Would appreciate any input, thanks everyone.: confused
Make it tell you the problem!

Diagnostic Trouble codes

When the car starts.. look at the AC controller.

The MODE button you have depresses will flash for one minute the go out...

Hold the arrow up & the arrow down buttons for 5 seconds the display will show 00
( to let you know your in )
Hit the Auto button
and is should scroll through the code(s) that you have

00= No problem
01= temp door motor goof
02= temp door motor goof ( different problem )
03= ambient sensor OPENED UP/disconnected
04= ambient sensor Shorted out/ kaboom
05= internal sensor OPENED UP/disconnected
06= internal sensor Shorted out/ kaboom
07= Solar sensor ( in dash ) open
09= Low gas
10= CPU has blow it's mind

After this is done...by pressing the up & down arrows you can pole the different circuts and when you find the one you are looking for
Press AUTO
and it will tell you what it thinks it sees.

To get out of Diag's

Hit defrost..( or any other AC control)

Give this a whirl

Climate Control Unit

I can only generalize here, but the service records on my 95' show the control unit being replaced twice prior to me owning the car once in 98' & again in 2001. I was on EBay last week & noticed there was a new GM climate control unit up for auction, I beleive it was at $35 when I saw it, if it closed near that price it would have been a bargin. The owner prior to me paid $210 for each one he had replaced, plus $97 for labor. I took my Bose radio out today & the climate control unit sets just above it. Only takes about 15 minutes to get one out.
Don't Shotgun

Use science.. the code will tell you what's wrong most times it just takes a battery reset
to straighten it's brains out!

Thanks guys,
I read the manuel and it says the light will flash if something is wrong. The light doesn't flash. Mike, I tried getting to the codes area but it didn't work. I don't think I did it right. I'll try later..thanks guys.
Another thought

The doors are controlled by VAC... how are you hoses under the hood?

Do the vents change when you stomp on it.. or go on a long hill climb?

Good Info Mike

If the guy before me would have had that information(codes) he'd probably be about $600 richer. I went back after your post & looked at the actual receipts. Both were from the same place.

I don't think the guy was real mechanicaly inclined though, as I have also noticed he took the car to this same location in 1999 to have them check the R/H door panel (loose). They charged him $525 for a new door panel & $130 to install it. The new door panel was not mounted correctly & is now loose again.
Anyway, thanks again for the code Info.

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