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96 CE horn


May 8, 2001
Port St. Lucie ,Fla.
2006 Lemans Blue Coupe
All of a sudden the horn quit working I checked the 15v fuse in slot 7 of the fuse panel it checks out ok ,the pasive locke seems to be working but it doesn't beep after locking and the horn button won't beep is there a relay that may be causing the problem:(
Hi there,
Yes, there is a relay, under the passenger side hush panel, however, if you like, you can just check the horns for power.
Just hook a test light up to ground, and probe the connectors of either the right or left side horns.
If the test light is on, your relay is good, and you can replace the horn notes.
Besttoyou, and let us know if we can help further, c4c5:hb
I've brought dead horns back to life with a little "wake up" tap with a blunt object. The contacts inside get dirty and don't make contact. I've also had to adjust the screw on the back. To do this you should have the horn connected to a 12V supply with an ammeter in series with the horn. Adjust the "tuning" screw until you draw 5 amps. Running the screw in and out will sometimes re-establish the contact inside. Good Luck.

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