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96 LT-4 Computer Reprogramming



I am wondering if it is possible to program the VATS out of my 1996 Computer without knowing the VIN number? I happened to buy this motor and put into a 75 vette. I have no codes on the system and everything works(spark, ignition, O2 sensors etc) but the Fuel Injectors do not pulsate. If I jump each one individaully it will fire and the motor will start. The only scanner reading that seems wierd is that the Desired Idle is set for 3188 and the pass Key Enable says yes. I have been told everthing from I need the VIN(which I dont have) to program out the VATS to get a new computer and hook it up and it then wont need the VIN to just the opposite. Any hel;p on this subject will be greatly appriciated as this is the last piece of the big puzzle.

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