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97 fan belt noise



Just bought 97 C5 with 25M miles. When turning at slow speed there is a "grinding" noise. Dlr said "they all do it" and the issue is a vibrating fan belt with no way to fix it. I find that hard to belive but do not know what to do about it. Help, anyone, Please & Thank you
Welcome devans,

I don't have the information you require, but grinding anything does not sound like "they all do it" to me. We have plenty of Corvette knowledgeable people here who can guide you in the right direction.
Once again, welcome to the CACC family, many happy returns!
I just noticed your post while searching for 'Noise when turning'. I have a '99 C5 coupe with automatic transmission.
I noticed a kind of grinding noise when I turn left or right at low speeds. It happens every time, day or night, cold or hot weather.
I havent taken it to the dealer to have them look at it. Not sure now that you mentioned that they told you 'They All Do That'.
I dont think they do, since when I bought it new it didnt make that noise.
I hope someone will have some info on this.
Hi there,
I would ask for more information, please.
TMC, if you would please, when did the noise start to occur??????
Have you ever had the rear differential fluid changed?????
Devans, I believe that you are experiencing a different condition, as you are explaining a rumbling, or grinding sound. Does this happen while moving, or can you just turn the wheel to the stop, and you hear this noise?????? Is the noise louder when you turn on the AC?????
Also, do you hear this noise when you are shifting from park to drive, or park to reverse?????
Please both keep us posted, c4c5:hb
I noticed the noise about a year now. Since I dont drive this as my main vehicle, thats why I havent gone to a mechanic. But now I really notice the noise more, since it has become consistent and kind of makes me wonder if it might be the wheel nuts or the wheel bearing. The mileage is 7218 miles. I bought it new in May 15th 1999. I've taken it to the dealer for its oil change about 8 months ago. The rear differential has not been changed, mainly because of the low mileage. My guess of what it might be is a possible belt or pulley that might be vibrating or rubbing when I'm make a left or right turn at low speeds. I always notice it when I'm leaving my driveway and turning onto the street and around the street corner to the main road. Once its at higher speeds, I dont notice the grinding or rumbling noise. It sounds kind of metalic in nature. I hope it isnt a natural occurance for the '99 C5. When I bought it new from the dealer, it didnt make that noise. Just to recap - its an automaic trans, 7218 miles, no differential fluid change, has been oil changed recently. No racing or high speed jumps. What does come to mind is when I'm exiting the freeway off ramps, the curves are always a right turn.
Hmm.. do you need more info?
Thanks for any suggestions!
That helps, now, if you lift your hood, and have someone move the steering wheel hard to lock, either left or right, without moving, do you hear the same noise????
Must you be moving to duplicate the noise????
When you have the hood up, do you see the belt tensioner, above the AC compressor flutter back and forth?>????
Please let us know, and we can proceed, c4c5:hb
I have the same problem, but I know it is the belt tensioner because I can see it moving and I can hear it. It is a loud squealing noise, it is annoying. I sprayed some belt dressing on it and it did not help. I then sprayed some WD-40 and it was gone. Does it need to be replaced because I have to keep spraying it in order for it to stop squealing? My extended warranty should cover it. Thanks in advance.

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