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A ghost took over my Corvette


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Okay, this is really weird and I'd appreciate any information. Tonight, as I got into my car, the horn started going off. I thought it was weird because it's the first time that started happening. I thought that if I started the car, it would stop the horn but it didn't. About 3-4 minutes after I start driving, it suddenly shuts off. It only goes off when I open either one of the doors; so I had to crawl out of the hatch when I got home because I didn't want to wake the neighbors.
Hey! That sounds like the factory alarm on my '81. It decides when it wants to go off, I can't do anything about it, going off I mean. The way I shut mine off is to lock the doors, and unlock the drivers door with the key. But that's how it works on mine. I don't know if the C4's factory alarms work the same or not. Someone else might know. But if it goes off again, try unlocking it with the key in the drivers door.

Hope this helps.

T Jay
One of the members here had the same thing happen to him, but for the life of me I can't find it now. :(

Maybe they'll see this and respond Bullwinkle. ;)

_ken :w
Was it BlackDog, Ken? Seems like he said that he had to drive a long ways with his horn blaring.

Patti said:
Was it BlackDog, Ken?

Good memory Patti! :upthumbs
"...where do I place the C4 charges to disable a runaway alarm system ? hehehe
Coming back from Yoda's place two weeks ago. I'm at a red light, behind this SUV when the alarm decides to play a tune. Well the SUV thinks i'm honking at him, so when the light goes green, he hammers it and pulls into the right lane letting me pass by. When I get up to him. I yell out that I wasn't honking at him, but I'd just stolen the car and couldn't figure out where to disable the alarm... he laughed and I got outa town in a hurry."

Congratulations Chris Mc Donald

_ken :w
On my92 I was starting to have problems where the alarm would kick on me even when I opened the driver door with the key. It would start honking the horn or not make a sound but lock out the starter. Sometimes it would turn the interior lights on and then not turn them off when I closed the door and started the car. The VATS system was upset with something. We ended up finding a problem with the drivers door sensor switch just being old an worn. No problem since.
After I got through that I got a keyless entry system installed. I don't deal with that anymore. The one we installed I have 2 choices. Hit the power doorlock on my way out and have VATS enabled. Or hit the Lock button on the keyless and lock doors but not arm VATS. Which is what I usually do. No problems.
Just an idea.
Mine did that till I found out how to deal with it....if you unlock the door and the alarm goes off, reinsert the key in the door lock and turn the key back and forth then remove it. Stops it everytime. Problem is the door lock sensor gets old from all the turning and if you don't stop the key DEAD CENTER prior to removing the key and opening the door it will set it off. Now I just turn the key and open the door before pulling the key out. That way if it sets it off...just turn the key...it will turn it off.:SANTA :SANTA :grinsanta :xmas
Yup that was what mine was doing. If you got lucky and turned the key exactly then you were in ok. Replacing the sensor cured that annoyance.

No you didn't have a blonde moment, this time ;)
You read it right. My keyless entry does not arm VATS when you hit lock. You must use the power door lock. Here is the reason. I didn't buy the special (read that expensive) one for the Vette and VATS. My friend does installs. For all of about $35, his cost, I got a keyless entry, and it pops the hatchback too! But the drawback is it can't be wired for VATS. I can live with that.
The Vette/VATS one costs about $150.

Here we go again

On the back of the door lock mechanism there is a round blue plastic thing. it's a switch! This piece of Junk is no longer made by GM.

Heres the deal,
The switch closes in the unlock position
( momentary) to disarm the alarm. In the 12 O'clock position or lock the switch SHOULD be open.

Now over time & wear...etc the 1/2 moon in the switch gets ground so the mechanical action is not correct. You need to pull the door panel off to check the switch. The typical problem is the switch never get's rotated far enough to DIS ARM.or the switch grenades completely

My friend didn't charge me labor, just raw cost for the system. It's not that hard to install. I watched him and it took all of an hour for him to do it. But he's also very good at it.
Look in MADs catalog. $100 if you don't want the hatchback release.
With mine you hold the unlock button down for about 10 seconds and it pops the hatchback. Hit lock once and it flashes the parking lights at you. Hit lock twice quickly and it beeps at you. So you have your car finder... No panic button though.
Simple setup that works.
You should be able to find a shop that can do it at a reasonable price down your way.

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