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A good day to stay in the garage



Earlier this winter I bought TPI engine for my 69’ roadster, it was supposed to be from a 92’ model. The engine might be from 92, but the TPI system was from 87, which would have been ok if it hadn’t proved to be a piece of junk. Several of the sensors had traces of rough handling, all the gaskets at the intake manifold were missing, intake valves were full of rust, and the head gaskets were of different thickness.

Well the old engine went back again, and the car is good to go, the TPI have to wait…


It was a nice snowy day for the first trip around the block.


The 69 coupe project has had some progress this week, and with both doors back in place it starts to look like a car again. I’ve taken the week off, and am planning to stay in the garage most of the time. It’s only a few small parts missing before it can be started, but they are in a box on its way from Eckler’s and will not be here before the post office closes for the Easter holiday.




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