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A Heads up for everyone. I almost burned Ol' Blue down !!!



After Ol Blue was fully warmed up, i proceeded to set the timing based on full advance (34 degrees) which means having to run the engine a while at 3000 rpms. To reduce heat coming in from the floor boards, i had put 'fireproof' insulation on the underside, with a layer of aluminum foil on it. Trouble is, i went underneath the exhaust and the collectors. So, with the engine running at 3000 rpms standing still, it got mighty hot underneath and started smoldering the 'fireproof' insulation. By the time i got underneath the car, there were big areas of the insulation smoldering . I quickly doused the smoldering and needless to say....cut the insulation out that was too close to the exhaust.

So, the moral of the story is : I had one hot vette on my hands ... so no more insulation close to the exhaust . If youre anal like me, you better check your insulation underneath if you have any there.

There can be no good coming from burnt fiberglass. I keep a loaded fire extinguisher around my garage at all times. I like to drive like a bat outta hell, but that "hell" shouldn't be my garage! Count yourself lucky and thank the big guy upstairs.--Bullitt
Been there, done that! Scared the heck outta me too. My fire was electrical though - white smoke everywhere. Fortunately, the end result was just a badly scorched alternator.

Like you said....whewww!

- Eric
A truly...smoking more and enjoying it less...story. I will keep this in mind during my insulation up-grade. Thanks for sharin'.
Close call Tangee, I keep an old apartment bldg style CO2 extinguisher in the garage and one securely bolted in the rear compartment in the Nutmeg. Ya just never know where you might need it. Glad you dodged the bullet.

........ Nut
Nature's fire extinguisher

Does anyone want to hear my story of how I tried to put out an engine fire using the only "natural" extinguisher that nature has provided mankind?

Didn't think so. But it's a great story.

Keep it cool and safe,
I grew up where radiators were used for steam heat, need I say more... ;)


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