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A.I.R. Pump supply hose/cold air box/MAT sensor question



Does anyone know if 92/93 LT1s have
a A.I.R. pump supply hose attached to
the air box? What is this hose for?
How would I find it?

--Reason I ask is I am trying to install
the SLP cold air induction system. They call
for me to attach this hose to the new triple
induction tube, they have a hole feature and
extra hardware for this connection.
--I've taken the air box out before and I
don't recall detaching any 3/4" A.I.R. hoses
to do it. Owners manual doesn't mention it.

Related question:
For those that have relocated the MAT sensor,
I know you try to relocate to the air box area,
is that because of that's where there is space?
Can I still do that with the air box gone (3
K/N filters will sit there now)?

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