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AL Dunn, the final and superior casting of the LT5 cylinder head. Birmal cast all prior heads, but their foundry closed prior to the end of LT5 production. AL Dunn was commissioned to produce a few hundred final sets to complete the run. The AL Dunn heads incorporate many improvements versus the Birmal heads, and have a smoother cast port finish, which required far less if any manual port work to produce similar power gains to ported Birmal heads. More info is described in the Heart of the Beast book by Anthony Young. All components change over from Birmal heads to these heads with the exception of some hardware for the RH chain tensioner, which is included with the heads. All heads have matched cam covers with stamped markings on each but "matched" sets of right and left do not exist, they just made batches of each, though I think the stamped numbers on these are close. This sale is for one left and one right. They are both A.L. Dunn heads, #10225121 and #10225122, both cast on the same date (6/19/93), which I am told is the "date to have". You can't get any more matched than this. You really can transfer all parts over except valve seals,which should always be new. Of course you'll need to grind the valves and probably lightly grind the seats or else check them with lapping compound first. Springs may be a good idea but probably not mandatory, this design is not very tough on springs unless you have more radical aftermarket cams. I'm really not the guy to ask for advice when it comes to the internals on these engines, Aaron Scott (Georgia) and Marc Haibeck (Illinois) are the two best guys to talk to. These heads are bare meaning they DO NOT come with cams ,valves,springs,etc,etc...They are as they came from the factory....ANY questions please e-mail me and I will answer you ASAP. I will give an exact rate for shipping when I get your zip code. Heads will come shipped in their original boxes which weigh approx.56lbs per box.Price $2400.00 plus shipping. I have pics if needed.Iam also selling my ZR1 1994 #141 Adm. blue/Gray..4.1k miles..Thanks Kevin

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