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A little advice please


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Jun 17, 2004
Tulsa, OK
1977, Bright Yellow
Guys, I have been off the board for quite a while now, for which I would firstly like to apologize. I am in a situation where I could use some honest advice / opinions.
About 5 years ago when I bought the vette, I had just sold my previous project because it was finished, and I wanted something more performance oriented. I jumped into the vette because, she looked pretty good to the uneducated eye, and there was plenty of room for improvement.
Firstly, this is a list of what I have done:
1: New seats, dash pad, guages, stereo, door panels.
2: Steeroids rack and pinion
3: VB&P monoleaf front suspension, lightweight upper and lower control arms.
4: Tires
5: Brakes and calipers
6: Rear suspension bushings
7: New weatherstripping
8: Hot Rod Air, heat and air conditioning.
9: ZZ3 crate motor / with nitrous, (more for appearance than anything), although she ran a 12.7 at 110.

Now for the problems
1: The body is really rough
2: The car had previously been hit in the left rear and now has a 80-82 rear bumper cover.
3: The car had been hit left front, th4e front has been patched leaving a gap at the front left of the hood, and the replacement front bumper cover has been "pugged" into the fenders which is now starting to crack.
4: The bottom of the front crossmember had been pretty badly dented.
5: The car never really feels stable on the road, and although I have been told it ,looks ok, I dont think it tracks properly.
6: There is a 1/8" wide crack running from the floor to the top of the firewall where the factory cooling fan used to be.

Now, this is where I need some advice. The car is probably worth between 5K and 7K. I Dont earn a lot of money, but I would really like to disassemble the car and build it again from the frame up. If I was to do this, I think it would need a new body. The frame, also, may not be straight. The car probably would still only be worth about 10K.

If she was yours, what would you do?



6880 Mike

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Jun 30, 2006
The Bluegrass State
1968 convertible; 1980 L-82
...If she was yours, what would you do?...

Take her to a reputable frame shop (one you trust), let them put her on the rack, and check her out.

I agree with you: the frame is probably tweaked a little.

I wouldn't want to spend any real money on her unless the frame can be straightened.

Good Luck.



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Jun 28, 2005
Merrimac, MA
1982 silver/claret
Its only worth money if you plan on selling it. Just a quick scan on ebay I found this car:

If your hoping to get money back on it or even break even its going to be a toss up either way. Just my humble opinion. I have the same thing going with my car. I paid 6300. for it, put another 2k into and then the tranny went. I had to decide to sink more money in or take a loss. So I got a new stroker motor, a new tranny and a bunch of other things. Will i ever make a profit on this car, hell no. Will I drive it for many years, I sure hope so!

Body wise its in good shape and the frame looks good, and lucklily I don't have to pay labor so that sure helps.

Good luck, its a tough choice.


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Sep 23, 2006
1973 Corvette ,1966 ss impala
if its your dream car and you plan to hold on to it for 20 years . do it... if not sell it .. you could find a vette with a good body and frame and work on speed over time just my thoughts

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